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Over 30 years ago, Allegheny Glass & Mirror began serving the public with a small inventory of glass and glass related products. Window glass , a small selection of sheet mirror and glazing putty were the standard inventory items that satisfied the needs of the everyday customer. If an " out of the ordinary" product was needed for a particular project, that item could be retrieved from a distributor so that the work could be completed. As time, as well as consumer demand changed, it became necessary to not only stock a more extensive inventory, but to do so in greater volume so as to keep Allegheny Glass #1 in service and competitiveness in the pricing marketplace.

Listed here are a number of categories of products that have become today's version of stock and readily available items. By clicking on each separate title, you will be given an overview of the products related to that particular section.

NEW In the Fall of 2001, Allegheny Glass & Mirror began producing INSULATED GLASS. In the past, this product was ordered from an outside source that specialized in double-pane glass fabrication. By producing the glass units ourselves, we have now given our customers a product that can be ready for purchase in a fraction of the time that it used to take. For the time being, this service has been dedicated mainly to the residential or light commercial customer.

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